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The Khan dynasty

The title of Greatest Sportsperson of All Time is not bequeathed lightly. There’s a fairly short list of names that come to mind: Ali, Federer, Didrikson, Steven Bradbury. But have you ever thought about legendary squash players? I’m going to guess no, but here’s why you probably should.

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In the early 19th century, during his second term as Governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry approved a new set of senate districts. But something was fishy. The shape of one of the districts, Essex County, closely resembled a humble salamander.

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The Forgotten Children

In 2014 Australia’s peak human rights body, the AHRC, releases a report detailing the terrible effects the country’s detention regime is having on hundreds of children — ten year olds self-harming, attempting suicide. The government says it’s all rubbish. On 11 February 2015 the government tabled the Human Rights Commission’s (HRC) ‘Forgotten Children’ report — the most extensive study ever conducted on the deleterious effects of detention on asylum seeking children. Its findings are damning but unsurprising: locking up children in sub-prison-like conditions for indefinite periods causes extensive, likely irreversible damage to their mental and emotional health and development. During the 15 months of investigation, which included interviews with 1,129 children and some of their parents, the commission recorded hundreds of instances of

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