A magazine for the socially and culturally engaged.


Future Perfect offers a uniquely Australian perspective on world news and culture.

Each issue may feature anything from analysis on immigration policy to fearless reporting on Australia's favourite biscuits. Future Perfect is part of the new wave of quality niche publications that are clean to the eye and crisp in the hand—an object that will (hopefully) be collected rather than discarded. Or as editor Nicholas likes to put it, we're just a group of hacks who love sinking tinnies and going large.


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Latest Issues

Issue 2

The trillion dollar jet
Lockheed Martin’s botched 18-year quest to build a fighter jet 

Buried at sea
Julian Burnside on Australia's immigration policies  

Speaking between the lines
Interview with Robert Lehrman, speechwriter for Al Gore 

Issue 1

The Khan squash dynasty
One family's 50-year reign over the game of squash

The rights of men
Meet the internet army fighting the scourge of feminism

Auras of transcendence
Dostoevsky, epilepsy and ecstasy