Issue 3


"We’ve been taking turns writing these ‘Letters from the Editor’ and I’ve been struggling to think of something not completely uninteresting to say. First draft went something like: “By gosh! It’s been a mighty busy few months, with its equal share of ups and downs, challenges and rewards.” But I then got platitude sickness. My mood plummeted as I received a gentle, passive aggressive reminder from Tall Nick that I needed to send off the week's online orders—the (usually) incredibly helpful Sara Loo who is normally on post office duties had absconded to Europe for the summer. Pure terror gripped my soul..."

Editorial, Ryan Frazer



Without these guys we wouldn't have the mustard to make it happen.

Compagnon Coffee Co.

Mr Simple

PCL Money

Ruby's Tuesday Letterpress Studio

University of Wollongong


A taste of Issue 3

The gambler
We talk to gambling art collector David Walsh

Another world
Jarrad Seng's surreal aerial photography of Iceland

Outlaw bikie gangs: a user's guide
A look at four of Australia's meanest and most ridiculous outlaw bikie gangs 

Going after a comet
One tiny probe's remarkable seven billion kilometre journey to a block of ice  

Seventy years after Auschwitz
Commemorating the liberation of the death camp by Soviet forces   

History of Emojination
The ubiquitous little icons that rule our pathetic lives  

Review: Fresh Off the Boat (2014)
Review: H is for Hawk (2014)