Making a magazine is expensive. At this embryonic stage of Future Perfect, printing takes up almost everything made from the sales of the magazine—we’re covering just the paper and ink. We see no return and, more tragically, neither do the talented people who write the words and paint the pictures that fill Future Perfect.

We’re in this for the glory, not the fortune.

This puts us in a precarious position—the sustainability of the magazine rests on being able to cover the costs of not just printing, but also the labour put into producing content.

That’s where you come in.

We’re inviting you to become a Future Perfect Patron—like a Patron of the Arts, but for a small independent magazine.

There are three tiers, each with a few symbolic perks.



A copy of Future Perfect (issue of your choice) and your name (or business) lovingly printed on the inner pages of the next issue.


Hand written love letter from the editors, copies of the magazine for you and your friends and your name (or business) printed on the inner pages of the next issue.


All four founders will wear a T-shirt emblazoned with your face or brand for a month. That’s 4x 30–31 days of walking billboard (except for February, which is 28 days and 29 days each leap year).