Back from the dead

Halloween's just around the corner, but we’ve decided to rise from the dead a little early.

You’re probably aware that, like Avatar 2, Issue 4 still does not exist. This is the result of many things that are beyond even the immense powers of the Future Perfect editorial team.

The good news is that the dream is not yet over and we still have the hapless enthusiasm of a hundred puppies.

So while we continue to try make the mythical FP4 a reality, we’re launching a new website that offers sexy new fonts and a better overall reading experience.

It’s got all your favourites: Nick getting totally pwned by everyone he interviews, Ryan investigating Australia’s most adorable bikie gangs, Kev ranting about all those damned iPhones ruining gigs. All the good stuff.

Plus we’ll be publishing a regular stream of new content. We’ll keep offering the content no one asked for but everyone needs. Expect fearless reportage of the new bourgie Vegemite, scathing feminist critiques of the latest in dog fashion, obscenely detailed exegeses of Jackie Chan’s filmography.

We’re fully excited to be, as the Wu-Tang Clan says, "back in the game".

Love always, the Future Perfect team.