Issue 1

"When we eventually sobered up and the drafts, proofs and pained emails began to accumulate, the dream of a magazine began to resemble Sisyphus’s boulder. To the surprise of even us, with the help of a few noble strangers, you are in fact holding and reading this magazine. Surely we can at least claim a participation award in next year’s Magazine Olympics? We rallied the stories, editors, illustrators and photographers, we spent nights becoming uncomfortably familiar with a temptress called Adobe InDesign. The future at times looked uncertain, but our uncanny optimism kept us going, and may that future one day be described as perfect..."
Editorial, Kevin Loo

A taste of issue 1

The Khan squash dynasty
One family's 50-year reign over the
game of squash

The rights of men
Meet the internet army fighting the
scourge of feminism

Auras of transcendence
Dostoevsky, epilepsy and ecstasy

Australia from above
The colours, textures and patterns that
mark the island continent

The spirit of liaison
Sydney sightseeing with Client Liaison

Review: Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2012)
Review: Frozen (2014)