The Khan dynasty

The title of Greatest Sportsperson of All Time is not bequeathed lightly. There’s a fairly short list of names that come to mind: Ali, Federer, Didrikson, Steven Bradbury. But have you ever thought about squash players?

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Chasing a comet

In 2004, the European Space Agency launched a tiny probe into space. Its objective: chase down, orbit, and land on an ancient space rock travelling at 38km/second.

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Seventy years after Auschwitz

When the great Jewish-Italian writer, Primo Levi, wrote in his memoir If This is a Man that Germans “love order, systems, bureaucracy; even more, although rough and irascible blockheads, they cherish an infantile delight in glittering, many-coloured objects”, he wasn’t simply roasting his captors.

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